How to Add User Accounts?

1. Open the printer’s embedded web server - click settings - security 2. Enter security - User ID: admin 3. Click ‘Security Setup” 4. Click “Internal Accounts” 5. Click “Add an Internal Account” 6. Enter account name, User ID, Password and re-enter password. - select “ES_Users” for the group - click submit Change “admin” password 7. Click “admin” user ID 8. Enter password and re-enter password. Set required credentials set as User ID and Password Sync created account to Device Quota 9. Click “applications and click Device Quotas 10. Click “Sync Internal Accounts” Verify accounts in the Device Quota 11. Click “Settings” and click “Apps” 12. Click “Apps Management” 13. Click “Device Quotas” 14. Accounts should be shown in the “User Accounts” Activate monitoring of Device Quota 15. Check box of “Restrict non-authenticated printing” and “Restrict B&W usage” - Click apply
11:26:28 AM Sarah Ysobelle Ramos

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